Spring Equinox Labyrinth Day  March 16th 2019
Psyche's Task - Sorting The Seeds

Come and join us for a Spring day of reflection and connection to the start of the growing tide.

What seeds to you want to plant this season?  
What are you hoping to reap later in the year?

What resources and nourishment does your ground need to flourish as the shift towards summer begins?

We offer Labyrinth Days for Women at the Equinox and Solstice points of the calendar, meeting to mark and honour the changing seasons. 

Consciously marking the turning of the year and the transitions through the seasons brings a deeper connection to nature and a sense of being more firmly planted within the bigger, wider cycle of the year.

It provides a map for our individual life journey and reminds us that whatever is happening in our life right now, or the lives of those around us, Spring follows Winter and there is the possibility of renewal, bringing with it hope for the next season.

The myth of Psyche and her tasks will provide us with a map for exploring deliberation, clarity and choice.  

Our day will be held in a beautiful, old, sacred space in North London. If you'd like to see our gathering place there are pictures on the Gallery page.

Our time together will include movement and stillness, myth and story, simple ceremony, creative soul expression and a gorgeous, candlelit labyrinth walk. As usual we will create a Spring altar together in the morning as a part of our time together.

The fee for each retreat day is £95, which includes refreshments and all art materials.  
Booking is essential as the group size is small. If you have any questions or would like to book a place call or email Jay.