Imbolc Gathering February 1st 2020


Join us for this introductory day for women to Body Soul Myth & Movement.

Sometimes, as we journey through life, we lose connection with some deep and important aspect of our selves.  This gathering for women exploring Body, Soul, Spirit & the Sacred Feminine is opportunity to reconnect with the deep soul Self and with the richness of your embodied creativity through movement, soul art and story.

Imbolc is the old Celtic festival that heralds the beginning of Spring, often marked by the emergence of snowdrops, a moment of transition when the frozen ground begins to thaw. Imbolc is the festival of Brigid, Goddess of fire and smithcraft, healng and poetry.  

Our day together will include working with movement and story, reflection and creativity and as a part of our morning we will create an Imbolc altar. Our venue is the lovely Rosslyn Hill Chapel in Hampstead.  

If you have any questions please do call or email me.

The fee for the day is £95 and to reserve or book a place call Jay Edge on 0208 292 9328 or 078 8149 2342.

This retreat day is full and the waitlist is closed.